Current Obsession

Lately I’ve been enjoying the look of these labels. Be it the apparel stuff, or home ware, but mostly their print motives. I find it amusing to see how one label can make all different motives with one single nuance; feminine, sweet, elegant, colorful and functional. 

(image from Google Images) * New York Based * Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan

I’ve heard and seen this label before, but it hit me first time when I see it in one of FB online store – My eyes (and heart) feel on that handbag with big purple splodge dot all over it. It’s so playful, so colorful, so unusual, so….me! * London-UK  *  Peobe and Julie – Grand Indonesia
Never actually heard this label before, although when seeing its signature print it’s very familiar. My first encounter was when I found a phone case with bright red rose print on it. Apparently, it’s very well known in the UK. * Palm Beach – USA * (none to be found in ID)
Well the label has been mentioned in glossy magazine, hollywood website (worn by celebs) etc. But not until I browse through the catalogue did I find it very engaging. Where else would you find pink lion in lime green background? And it’s on everything; from lunch box to stationary and even dresses. Just like the other two labels. 

The other that I find equally amusing:

Juicy Couture Logo * North America * Plaza Indonesia

The rebelious, funky design is not really my style. But I love the idea to put a twist on a glamorous style and make it look young and edgy, that is the original. I didn’t get the same vibe from the immitation, which is everywhere. * Barcelona – Spain * (Can’t seem to find store that sold original stuff, but the knock-off is all over the net)

Not too wellknown in American Oriented country, but I’ve been loving it since a good friend parraded her newly bought custo print pump shoes from her Barcelona trip. Since then, I can seems to recognize a custo from it’s print – which is urban, lively and colorful. * London Based * Any boutique (beware for the immitation)

Who doesn’t know this casual brand with it’s signature ‘Not A Plastic Bag’ bag and cute pet printed handbags.  Although I personally fond of the illustrated bag, this brand is at the heart of many people in this country, judging from the widespred of it’s product anywhere from luxurious supermal to small boutique – as well as the knock-off. 


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