90% off? sekalian aja gratis

Excitement. tenaga, waktu dan khususnya keuangan untuk berburu sale sudah menipis dan nyaris habis setelah liburan natal dan menjelang akhir tahun ini. But, in case you (or I) need somewhere to spend that holiday ang-pao, then this is worth a try


Outfit of the day: purple pick me up

Let’s just say purple is the color of he month -at least pour moi. It’s the first day t work after christmas holiday and before new year holiday. I need a great pick me up for my spirit, and it so happen that my sister got me a new tshirt the other day. It’s purple with breeze material, so I build my look around it .


Headscarf : purple with pink seams rectangle over pink ninja inner
Top : purple tshirt (vintage), black vest with stripes (vintage)
Bottom : black baggy trousers ( unknown)
Shoes : berry court heels (next)
Accessories : pink corsage at shoulder ( Bijou Briggite), orange leather quilted wallet ( Mango)


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Outfit of the day : traveling with baby attire

I have this tendency to dress more elaborately when under pressure. The less time I have the busiest I get, the more active my creative mind work. So this is how i dressed when I had to travel alone with baby, as oppose to traveling alone – when I happily put tshirt and sandals on.


Headscarf : blushing pink ready to wear over pink ninja inner ( custom made – unknown )
Top : purple cotton trench coat over pink checkered shirt ( mint – polo)
Bottom : grey boot cut cotton trousers ( contempo)
Shoes : grey perforated flats ( the little things she needs)
Accessories : snake skin navy tote ( Calvin Klein) , clear identity ladies watch ( Esprit)

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Brand and I

There’s a strange relationship between me and the brands. It may seems like I have that brand-oriented attitude many cosmopolitans have. But it’s not like that – I refuse to be included in that category. Let me clarify my definition of brand-oriented attitude; it’s an obsession toward buying/wearing only branded stuff (high-end brands that is) to be in the certain social status or to get certain recognition/image. It’s to gain prestige, sort of. Of course there are those who were born with silver spoon in their mouth and known only exclusive goods. I’m not in that category either. I’d proudly say I’m the vintage hunter bargain lover working class. But why am I attracted to buy branded goods and love looking at those unattainable stuff on glossy magazine?

For one I love art, I love the beauty of it. That includes the art of fashion, craftsmanship and advertising. Looking at glossy magazine satisfies that crave. The side-effect (not necessarily negative) is that I am exposed to the current trend and lifestyle. My eyes are trained, and so is my taste. Thus I have a growing urge to be part of that hype, to appreciate their design and hard work. That is by laying my hands on their work, and have it. This is the same reason why I insist on buying the CD even though I have the whole collection of MP3 downloaded from the internet. It’s about appreciation. 

The second one is about fascination. There are certain brands or designers whose collection really fascinate me. Their brand image somehow speaks to me (the price tag however is a different thing). It’s an honor to be in their circle. To be their Twitter follower is one thing, to have at least one of their work is another (yes, again, I see their product as a work of art). I can imagine how they made this very handbag from scratches on paper, to fabrication, to presentation on lookbook and campaign and finally made it to my hand. It’s about the notion that there is a great thinking and great inspiration involved in making these pair of shoes. This is why knock-off can’t substitute. 

The last one is where vanity involves. It’s about self-recognition. I need to prove to myself that I can afford to buy these, and I am nothing less than those Hermes bearing ladies. It’s not like I can’t be like them, it’s just that I don’t want to (ok in Hermes’s case, I can’t afford it either). It’s about keeping my head high around them. And to be confidence with my style. That is why for certain label, my obsession fades once I made my first and last purchase. Keeping in mind that it’s about recognition to oneself, not to public, so I’d always like to keep the label concealed, or as little as possible. 

Once all the obsession is satisfied, I seems to always go back to my old self. One that loves to roam from market to market just to find the right stuff, one that adores DIY, handmade and local product, one that’s always attracted to one digit priced stuff. One that I am. 


(in pic : @nyanianya personal collection)

Outfit of the day : Tangerine on brown

Holiday is nearing, though tis not helloween I got the urge to wear brown and orange today; to launch my new wallet! 😀


Headscarf : ready to wear slip on brown cotton scarf over beige ninja inner (Kamiidea – custom made)
Top : brown Nehru collar shirt (Polo)
Bottom : long brown tule skirt with beige embroidery (unknown)
Shoes : nude wedge pump ( The beauty and the Bitch)
Accessories : quilted leather wristlet wallet in tangerine (Mango)

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The end of the wristlet quest

Jadi pengen punya wristlet sejak KS ngeluarin beberapa model untuk melengkapi koleksi handbag and purse-nya. Sampe belain mau nyari di online store atau ke outletnya langsung deh. Tapi liat harganya yang ga sebanding dengan modelnya yang kurang special, aku jadi urung. Tapi masih tetep pengen punya dompet yang bisa digelangkan di tangan kayak gitu. Udah sering liat sih, tapi baru tau kalo ternyata tali kecil diujung dompet itu fungsional sekali. Jadi bisa bawa dompet, hape dll tanpa ribet dan tangan masih bisa bebas bergerak.

harrison street jenny ann

Terus nemu punya Guess pas sale, mirip2 kayak gini modelnya. Tapi belu jadi beli karena pas itu keburu2. Mau balik ke PS lagi kok ya males, jadi nyari aja di GI. Ternyata Guess GI ga ada koleksinya (beda mall beda koleksinya sih).Lagian sedikit ilfeel kalo beli Guess, tembakannya banyaaaak dimana2.??

Eh jatoh2nya malah nemu di Mango. Padahal udah keluar masuk Mango dari mall ke mall (PP,PS,SC) ga ada yang bener2 menarik hati (dan dompetku). Tapi ternyata pemenangnya adalah Mango GI. Koleksi dompetnya yang ditimbun itu menampilkan banyak pilihan.??
Yang ini manis deh, bahanya kulit elegan dan warnanya yang rosy peach ini bikin gemes. Tapi kok ga adaa tali tangannya sih?

Shinny toilet purse ini emang gedean, fancy pula dengan kulit glossy-nya itu, tapi lack of design dan mahalnya bok! Ga sebanding sama bentuknya deh

Kalo Tab Wallet yang ini ada tali panjangnya yang cross-body, tapi memang kesannya kurang elegan ??terlalu college girl dan ga nahan sama mereknya yang terpampang gede2 itu.??

Akhirnya kutemukan jodohku. Sebenernya udah beberapa kali masuk Mango selalu nemu model ini. Cuma dari kemaren2 ga sreg aja, karepa pas nemu pas warna biru, atau pas itu ga tau perbandingan harga sama yang lain, atau pas itu masih kepikiran pengen beli punya KS – sekarang sih udah rela, ga pengen ah keluar duit segitu banyak buat dompet yang sama bagusnya di tempat lain. Nah pas liat si oranye ini -or should I say Tangerine- aku tiba2 langsung jatuh hati, mungkin karena aku lagi terobsesi sama warna yang satu ini (I have a whole travel set in this color). Langsung aku tenteng dan keluar dari toko aku masukin semua barangku kedalamnya; dompet, name tag and even the drawstring bag I came in with.??
Cantik kan warnanya. Terus quilted leathernya itu menambah kesan elegannya, ga sekedar plain leather. Mereknya kecil aja tapi gold plate nya miyayeni. Yang terpenting, tali tangannya -metal chain dililiut kulit- yang dulu aku kira tacky itu, ternyata enak banget dipakenya, dan memberi aksen to the otherwise ordinary wallet. Interiornya dong….roomy banget (liat aja tas kainku bisa masuk), banyak pocket berbagai bentuk dan fungsi -mulai dari untuk koin sampe kartu kredit-. Dan terakhir zippernya yang melingkar di 3 sisinya itu sturdy banget, zipper emas yang gede dengan kaitnya yang kuat menjadi nilai lebih untuk tukang paksa dompet sepertiku (ini aja baru beli udah dianiaya). I love it!??