NEXT Berry Patent Court Heels

I believe in fate and soulmate when it comes to shoe shopping (and other fashion items). If you look close enough, you will find the one that seems to be waiting just for you. Others may look perfect, but this one feels just right. And the universe really conspire with you to get it. Sounds familiar? 

This is just another case like that. 
I’ve been meaning to come to that bazzar, held by the biggest retail company, but I almost bailed when I found out that the venue was 30minute ride away from my work. And I planned to go at lunch hour. But again, universe lend her hand, a friend called. She works just nearby the venue and we arranged a lunch date. So I had other excuse to go, other than looking around the clearance sale of many famous brands; Zara, Nautica, Lacoste, Topshop, Massimo Dutti, etc.

I’ve been to one last week, and had the chance to scan through their clothing collection and found a fabulous silk skirt. So now, I’m more interested in accessories, preferably shoes or bags. The brand I’m curious about is Steve Madden. but it turn out that with the budget in mind, the ones on sale are not that inviting. There was this golden flats, but it exceed my budget (for non essentials purchase). Other brands are just not that appealing to me. I almost give up (by leaving without purchase, or made a little purchase for the sake of buying)
Black Patent Courts
But to avoid regret and to kill more time, I made another round passed the clothing, back to Pull and Bear corner and heading toward Next booth. Always thought that Next is a brand for casual wear and simple design, but I spotted an outcast.  It’s a three-straps mary jane shoes with 9cm cone heels and it’s burgundy. She has a whole different vibe than other items around her, she’s brave, sexy and out-there. The whole thing is not me, but if I have to spend a good fortune on something, I’d like to have something like that. Not just plain Jane. 

What makes it more interesting is the price, it’s half my budget (after discount). It’s just too good to be true, they must not have my size. It’s probably on sale because no one bought size 35. But no, they guy in the counter found my size 37. What more can I ask? practicality and comfort. I had a hard time getting my feet in, it’s tricky with the permanent straps. But once I got in, my feet cheered. The interior is really well-designed it fits my feet perfectly (with just enough room to move). The cone heels is very sturdy, I can stand straight without much effort. I can even walk my usual walk (brisk with short steps) without hurting my ankle. I have no other excuse but to take her home.

It actully matched my outfit that day, a dark brown skirt and batik. But it was late in the afternoon when I got back to the office, so I didn’t get much chance to try it on. And the next day is Saturday, I didn’t plan to take it home with me just to admire her over the weekend. So I had to wait untill Monday to wear her. And Monday is Today!! Yay! I especially wear my purple sweater just to match her. And so far I’ve walked around the office with no complain whatsoever. I even pronounce her the most comfortable high heels I’ve ever tried on. Really, it’s 9cm and I don’t feel it. I can run if I have to. The straps will hold it. 



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