Pengen doang kan boleh kan ya…


Last in 2011

Sebagai blog untuk hal2 yang materialistis, maka akan saya tutup tahun 2011 (dan membuka tahun 2012) dengan posting tentang hal-hal materialistis yang terakhir saya lakukan di tahun 2011

Last Meal in a Restaurant : Chicken Salad Sandwich (at Lollipop Land)
Last Taxi Ride : from Senayan City to home (Eksekutif)
Last Purchase Online : Sajadah dan Sarung Anak (Hasna's Collection)
Last Debit Card Swipe : Grocerry Shopping (at Food Hall)
Last Shop Entered : Guess (Senayan City)
Last Hang out Outfit : Purple Top (Milkyway), Curve Blue Jeans (Levi's), Beige Multiway Cape (Cottonink), Snake Skin Tote (Calvin Klein), Balerina Foldable Flat (TLTSN), Flower Scarf (Seoul), Inner Ninja (Kamiidea)
Last Phone Calls : Papa??
Last Text Message : Dian SG
Last Family Member met : Little Sister (other than my son)
Last Hotel Stay : Santika Premier
Last get-together : Karaoke with colleagues (Inul Vista)
Last Meal Cooked : Perkedel kentang
Last TV Show : Transformer 2 (Trans TV)
Last Fashion Item Purchased : Crocodile Texture Belt with elastic (Mango). Now let me tell you about this belt -that currently is my muse-. You I've been eyeing it from the first time I saw it in first day PI Mango Sale. It's golden, with elastic band and it matches my attire that moment. But it was way too expensive for a belt. I look for something similar and found one in Mark and Spencer with almost the same price but dull-er, found another one in Forever 21 with almost 1/5 the price but carrying the shop's image, it has studded metal around it. Saw it again in Mango GI but still reluctant to buy. Until…..the further reduction came along and I was at SC. I went right away to the accesories section and look for it. It was there, only more beautiful and more affordable. It's not the golden one -which another reason why I didn't buy was because I have braided leather belt in the same color and I love it till now-, it's dark brown with crocodile emboss leather. It has a more sophisticated, elegant and grown-up feel, and the color certainly brings up the rose gold of the buckle. And as it is with the golden sister, it ??hugged the waist just right and accentuated the whole look to be more chic. Never in my life have I purchased labeled??accessories??(just thought it's not necessary), but this one is an exception. So apparently all this time I wait to buy is to be met with my fate; the dark brown one with a cheaper price. Great!