New Obsession: DVF

Unlike Chanel, YSL, Lanvin – major label that I’ve already heard/known way back in my childhood, DVF didn’t occur to me until I read about her in some Glossy Magazine. It might have been my very first UK/US edition of Marie Claire or Elle and the likes. Even though I’ve never heard of Diane Von Furstenberg before, her story and her action in the world of fashion amused me. I love her as a person ever since. Her presence in various fashion events, her elegance and warm persona glows. 

But her collection, her works failed to reach me. Where I live, it is not as widely displayed as LV, Gucci or Prada, even though her flagship store was here in the prestigious mall. For my admiration for her, I’d love to love her work. But with the limited fashion allocation I have, I dream of finding a good bargain or even a second hand DVF collection. From the very few I found, it was too mature for my taste. For a moment there I thought that’s how DVF envisage; a mature woman. Until I took a peek on their website. Gosh do I get a shrill down my spine, I’m in love

Ribbon Glass Charger Ruri DressEaden Scarf 40x70Saffiano Iphone 4 CasePhoebe BootMini Harper Bag Neon Leather
Super Retro right?! Can’t wait until March 26, praying hard that the DVF sale is a really good deal

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