Next Gig?

Ouch, this is a beer-effect. Once you get a taste, there’s no stopping now. Once I got to watch one gig, I’d want to watch more and more and more. After Feist, and than Java Jazz, and even Born This Way legendary ball in June, now I long to see this mini private concert by Kina Grannis



18th March 2012 – Sunday 7pm

Kina Grannis Live & UpClose


Live & UpClose

Sunday 7pm

18th March 2012



What gives me the urge to see her is; one, I discovered her myself on Youtube singing acoustically on a guitar – very sweet and easy. Two, it’s not in a big ballroom or stadium, it’s just a private gig in a cafe. No hassle hopefully so I can bring the whole gank. Three, it’s cheap, cheaper than my pair of shoes definitely. Four, it’s in my territory – the venue that is. 

Let’s see if I could persuade the others to join me, otherwise I’d go alone, or wouldn’t go at all 😦



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