Cork-y Trend…(continued)

Remember the few last post about the wine cork motive I found in a couple of this spring item? Apparently, DVF and KSNY were not the only one to have them in their collection. The red soled master – Loubutin has one with sky-high heels

And when I finally made time to sneak into the Pacific Place Pop-Up Market – which is not as big as other retailer sale, but interesting enough with the few exclusive brand that rarely sold on sale – my eyes was strucked by the occurance of cork motive wedge by Pedder Red – the one reason I’m checking out the sale. One is a peep-toe platform, and the other one got my eye; its a wedge pump no more than 5cm high. Love! 

When I entered the keyword ‘Pedder Red Cork Shoes’ several result came out;


But nothing like my round-edged beauty

And let me tell you, it’s oh so snugly inside. The interior is soft and well-padded my feet don’t suffer any new-shoes-blister. Even my wild pinky toe were exceptionally tame in them.They hug the feet like they were old friends, in 36 or 37 all the same. But I finally got the one in 36. I look into my feet and feel like wearing a pair of good old shoes, we were meant to be together. 

Is Pedder Red always this comfy? If yes then I’ll nominate it as my fave -although to buy one I would have to wait for another big sale. 


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