I have a very indecisive mind, if served with many options I took a great amount of time to consider and reconsider. Same thing apply to buying clothes (accesories included). There were times when I'm actully in love and in need of certain items and grab it faster than I can say 'cashier'. But in most cases, I have all different reason and excuses to buy or not to buy. I just found out that the issues I take into consideration are mostly these:

Whether or not it suit my style, how much I like it and how do I look in it

When it passes the first criteria, the next question is whether it is functional, whether I will actually wear it, how often

yes, the price add to the beauty of the stuff and my likeliness to buy it.??

Finally, If it belongs to some well-known brand, I'd like to have something that speaks for the brand. something of it signature

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