So this is what I’ve been waiting for…


it's been uhmm….a while now since the last time I'm??rummaging??sale store, and I miss it like a girl missing her daily dose of cupcake. The last one was the PP Pop Up market in which I miss DVF. That's probably it, I posses a deep disappointment there for not getting anything. Usually I could console myself by saying that I could use the money for the upcoming sale, but apparently nothing came. Oh you can't imagine the hollow feeling in my stomach everytime I think about the chance I lost. So when there's this sale on Coach, even though i'm not very keen on the brand, I went. not for the notorious bags, or purse, I'm in for the little things, the trinkets like scarf, twill, keychain, accesories, but mostly scarf yes i'm into fabric goods now. It's cheaper, it's luxurious nonetheless, I can wear it anywhere (neck, bag, head) and I can collect from many different brands. I'm almost??obsessed.

Mind you, this is the first time I came into a luxurious shop, a flagship store, a store that is located in the ground floor of a first class mall. Well I did come into a KS store (happen to be in PS too) when I found out they have a sale, but that time I came out empty-handed. This time I actually came out with a glossy paper bag of the brand. Owh how very fulfilling the feeling was. Well it was just a twill, a pretty and silky one, but I bought it! At the store!

But it doesn't feel complete, like something bigger is gonna come. Something better. Something multibrand, something cheap, something that could keep me hopefull the whole week prior and My heart feels it and it's waiting impatiently. So when it came, my heart just knew this is IT. Red Valentino, Canali, Francesco Biasia, Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Tommy Hilfigher are coming to sale town again (this must be like that last time on Feb)

Picture for Spectacular Premium Fashion Bazaar Sale up to 70% off, get add disc 10% & 0% installment

Scarves, am currently crazy about scarves. Maybe some pretty tops and camisole, vest, sackdresses? I don't know. I'm too excited. I want to go there everyday,just flipping over stuff and looking at those luxurious goods. *sigh


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