How to Authenticate LV Bag

Do you know how to authenticate Louis Vuitton by looking at photos before bidding on eBay? 
We have helped many buyers to authenticate designer items.  For your protection, we offer free tips on buying authentic Louis Vuitton:

  1. They should have a Date code and Serial number NOT a model number: Real LV has 6 character date code or serial number. From left to right, char 1 and char 2 are letters where char 3 to char 6 are numbers. If authentic, the char 3 is less than 1; the char 4 is higher than 8 with exception of 0; and, the char 5 and char 6 are numbers between 0 to 9. Vintage pieces may be vary from this rule; yet model number as code is big no no.  Every single multicolor item should have a date code that ends in the number 3 or 4 with no exceptions, Cherry Blossom for instance!
  2. Bar code? No such a thing. Bar code is only for LV associate carbon copy at the point of sale.  Bar code tag has never been issued to customer.  Be aware of those green envelope, bar code tag, card and care booklet spread out like pocker, BE CAREFUL!  LV Care booklet DO NOT come with monogram bags except cherries, vernis and multi-color items. A LV card and a receipt may be more helpful.  
  3. Stitching is perfectly hand stitched and proportionally aligned.  Sloppy light color and uneven stitching is sign of a fake.  Authentic hand stitching looks like that every seam is at approx 45 degree (not 135 degree, when you see one you will know what I mean by).  Machine stitching looks like many horizontal seam line up from head to toe.
  4. Whole sale? Reputable major reseller? Used LV Suppliers? No such a thing.  If wholesale LV bags are seen in listings or in an unverifiable private feedback listing, be very careful.  Louis Vuitton doesn’t approve any individuals to be the whole sale representative!!
  5.  The LV logo should not be cut off or used as a background, with very rare exceptions of vintage bags.  Yet, Ellipse, for instance, is an exception.  The LV logos are always line up horizontally and vertically, front to back vertically (if one piece of leather wrapped around), and side to side horizontally.
  6.  LV upside down on one side is natural when one piece of leather is wrapped around.
  7. Louis Vuitton straps are made from fine quality untreated cowhide leather which will appear a very pale yellow color.  Newer LV leather has changed to a whiter cowhide leather color.  They will all develop a natural patina, a dark honey color, over age.
  8.  Fake LV shape is often not dimensionally proportionate and may be of the improper size albeit the description can be copied over.  You may have to physically measure it to exam the authenticity.  Nevertheless, if the shape look odd to you, be careful. 
  9.  Louis Vuitton multi-color bag has 36 different colors.  The fake LV multi-colors use only 20 colors maximum on current replica market.
  10. Louis Vuitton never attaches or hangs tags to their merchandise. NEVER! 
  11.  Louis Vuitton Boutiques do not USUALLY leave plastic wrap on handles! The Store will rarely, although they do sometimes, leave plastic wrap on hardware or handles before presenting to customer.
  12.  Louis Vuitton Pleaty bags only use stonewashed destroyed denim jeans for the body of the bag.  Be aware of those clean, sharp, and very blue color fabric which is easy to differentiate.
  13. Louis Vuitton Chien (dog) carrier bag only use METAL in gold paint for the side screen to prevent animals sharp claws, NOT nylon mesh or other garment net.  Also, the interior is not canvas lined.  The interior is water resistant man made material for easy cleaning after carrying animals.   Well, don’t you think that they are common sense when design for an animal carrier?  These are the obvious differences between the real Sac Chien and the fake ones.
  14. Last but not least, LV logos are always symmetrically lined up, never misaligned or scattered all over the place!
  15. Let us know your thoughts or questions.  Thank you.


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