Black IDtag Holder

This could be the most vain purchase so far (not that anything before is less vain). It surely costs less than dresses or bags, but this one is very small and very trivial. It's and ID Tag Holder – yes one that hold our company name tag and hang over our neck. Although in my??defense it's really useful – the last 3 holders broke apart- and last forever -as long as I have an ID tag to hold, a company to work in. But you know what's worth the price? the satisfaction sister! To have something to divine hanging on my neck and no longer feel like hanging a cheap rod ruining the whole outfit and thus the whole working spirit.

The patent leather is polished and neatly put together around the firm plastic cover. The leather strap is flexible yet firm like a real leather that she is. When flipped, it??reveals??the signature Coach monogram. Oh yeah haven't I told your it's Coach. Note my dismissive tone, this is me who refuse anything Coach because it's too out there, yet it always manages to lure me with little things that I need.??

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