YSL Pumps: Trash or Treasure?

I have a mix feeling about this. I spotted this brown pumps on an online garage sale, it was cheap, I needed a brown formal shoes and it’s YSL (or is it?). I hit the BUY button without too much thinking, I just don’t want to regret it when someone snatch them before I made up my mind. So here it is, it arrived safely on my desk in a neat paper wrapping in an unknown box – not the original YSL. It looked and smelled old, but pretty and classic nonetheless. I started to have doubt that it was a knock-off, especially when google shows that YSL shoes has intertwined YSL logo on them, not YvesSaintLaurent like this one.



But when I googled ‘YSL vintage’, I got a breeze of hope. Most YSL shoes that was made in 70s and 80s has that YvesSaintLaurent logo.And I even found one site that sells vintage YSL shoes with the same model, different color.  This could be the seller’s old collection she found in the storage, or her mom’s. I don’t mind, the story adds to the beauty. That might explain why it doesn’t come with its original box and shoe-bag. It might have lost already. 



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