Behind the story of a Backpack

It all started when the little ones has grown more active and less demanding, and we have to travel alone together. I had to bring a ride-on luggage to keep him entertained, while a handbag had to be ready for his immediate needs like wet wipes, milk and binky. Remember that a ride-on luggage -unlike the usual luggage on wheels- is not made to be pulled all the way onboard, you have to carry it once in a while. So you can imagine how it must be carrying a luggage, handbag and a child with only two hands, That’s when I imagine how handy it is to have a backpack. 

I’ve always been a backpack kinda girl, all the way from toddler to college year. I started toting handbag only when I started working in the office. Of course I have a backpack, not as many as my handbag collection, not even as many as my hubby’s, only one left actually. My backpack was bought to last, once it broke I bought new one and never collect them. So here I am, needing backpack more than ever, and still need to look pretty, motherly and chic on the other hand 😉

And just when my eyes become more aware of the existence of backpack in my surrounding, I saw a woman all dress in office attire riding a motorcycle carrying a lady-like foldable backpack in blue.  And suddenly a label came to mind; Longchamp. Yes that must be it, fake or not I believe LC will have something as handy as that. And so as soon as I hit my desk, I browse through LC website and found it; Le Pliage backpack in all different color imaginable. Next thing i did? I join the LC forum in FD. I was trying to find out about the price, the review and where to find it. 

As I found out about all of those details, I also found that the backpack -like any other backpack- is not popular among the ladies. Especially not as popular as the regular Le Pliage, Planetes, Le Metal or even Autor de Halong. Almost nothing came up as I typed down the keyword. One time someone display her purchase from LC Paris and mentioned that she’d like to sell a few to the forum, one of them is a brown backpack. I know the price she offer is way cheaper than it is in the flagship store, but it sure is above the average backpack (or an LC one in Paris). So when I bargained, she quivered and never came back. And then there was a used KS backpack on sale for a really good deal on MFS. Only it was really worn out, and I didn’t have money at that time.

But still, an MFS email notification still excites me nonetheless, it’s fun to score something rare/to my liking in a good price. It’s like finding a soulmate. That’s how I feel when I spotted that red Le Pliage sitting on a white couch as I visited MFS 10 minutes after the notif. So that’s what I’ve been waiting for. It’s backpack, it’s LC, it’s in excellent condition (used only 1x) and it’s under my budget! My heart pounded and I quickly wrote email to the seller hoping that no one came before me. I even made the craziest financial decision just to get it. I know it’s worth it. 

I just made the payment, and now I’m waiting anxiously for my soulmate to come. My first LC!!!! yay (and it doesn’t damage my wallet)

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