Kota Kasablanka?

Duuuh kalo promo2 ini dibuat untuk menggiring kita mengunjungi mall baru si Kota Kasablanka, berhasil deh…aku jadi pengen

Picture for Event The Oasis of Ramadhan

Superfind: Etro Silk Pocketchief (for less)

I was driven to that sale because of the shoes.Never thought that I’d be met with my scarf collection’s greatest find: the Etro. Been loving this designer house for their bright, colorful motif. Looking into their design is like looking into an art work. To own a piece is like a dream. Let alone a scarf, their bags are easier to find (other than to storm into their highend shop)

I was thrilled to find them among the sales. Happy enough to be able to feel the clothes and find a gorgeous colorblock heels in my size (and my price ;)). But when my eyes caught the sight of a small pile of colorful silk, my heart melts. Browsing into it, I know this is not just another dull hanky many other labels put into their sales, this is a masterpiece.at least to me. Peering into the price tag, I nod in agreement. I don’t mind spending that amount for one of this.so I carefully pick the one motif that I’d call my own until….. The kind shopassistant casually mention that it was quarter of that price tag. (!!). My heart screams in delight. I would buy 2 of them, as she suggested, or even 4! But no, let me have just one special one in my collection (honestly, I need to cut back on shopping :D)

Welcome home my dear.hope you like it here with your other fellow Furla that was delivered on the same day (more on that later)


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