Make-up Obsession : Beginner Edition

Argh…it has finally come to this.
I’m obsessed with the vainest of vain
About make up
I have an eye on translucent setting powder, hydrating lip color, blush blush blush…..
How many can someone have a blush? please say five….please.
Because so far I already have bright pink powder blush NYX Bourgeois Pig
Then I have Mememe Blush Box in Flushed and Peach on order
Followed by L’oreal Cream Blush in Coral Reef….and it’s fellow pinkish shade
And still have Tarina Tarantino Blush Palette, Physician Formula Happy Booster Blush, on the list
Oh did I not just dream about that Loral Souffle Blush?? A creamy mouse blush with four adorable shades…..*sigh

Now what about powder
With an excuse to find the perfect light, matte powder and a slight obsession over the word translucent, I have already some on the way
Black Opal Translucent Loose Powder is one of them
I can’t wait for that MAC Pearlmatte Face Powder Archie’s Girl edition, a Golden peach base (Shell Pearl Beauty Powder) with coral hearts (Foolish Me Powder Blush). Such an adorable pan
And still I’m drooling over Rimmel Translucent Compact Powder, Physician Formula Happy Booster Powder Glow and Blush and Cover Girl Translucent Setting Powder.
I told you the word translucent has got me

Oh don’t let me start talking about lip color
I made two post already about my quest for the perfect hydrating lip color
So far I have Benefit Lipgloss in Fuschia Fever and Loreal Color Riche Le Balm in my drawer and till the quest continues
Rimmel Apocalips #Nude Eclipse and #Nova is their way from London
Next, I’m torn between Tarina Tarantino Lip Sheen, Loreal Color Riche Carrese Stick, Wet and Wild Mega last Lip Color
And I heard these are great as well; Clinique Almost Lipstick, Benefit Creme Stick, Too Faced La Creme but they have an amazing price tag too
Unfortunately those color range only between Pink, Nude and Coral…….

Before it, I already collected eye shadow palette but realize that I don’t need that many shades. Just the main color and I’m ready to mix and match
These babies are sold to a new owner; Stila Lovely in London, Estee Lauder Palette, Nyx Nude in Nude, Nyx Winter in Moscow, Naked Basic, MUA Undressed Me Too
And so far I’m settled with Loreal Infallible #Smoldering plum, Coastal Scent Mini Eyeshadow Sets and The Body Shop Shimmer Wave.

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