Love Lace

Weddings mean dressing up, heavy make-up, party, food, new shoes and new bag (at least for me, especially the last two item :D).

While my wedding has passed and I didn’t really indulge in those things (being the the bride that is), this time I have much more liberty. It’s my sister’s wedding. So far I have given two dresses. One red kebaya (it’s on me actually, not really given), and one peach lace fabric to be made into kebaya….(if I want to)

But brocade kebaya is soooo yesteryear, they just add train, sash, corsage but basically it’s just same old..same old. So now that I’m off the spotlight (but will still be in the family pic) so I opted for something out of the irdinary. I’ll made it into a blouse….how about that.

It’s different, it’s less formal, it’s catchy, It can be worn at regular event, and I can wear statement BIB NEKLACE! Yippie! be it Katepade or Forever 21

These are some ideas for the blouse

With satin colar like Nanete Lepore
Nanette Lepore Flaming Love Lace Top Mulberry in Purple - Lyst

Keep it feminine with turtle neck like Marc Jacobs

Keep it loose like Joie Elvia

or with peplum bottom like Asos


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