To-do-beauty: Bright Fuschia Pigment

Someone sell a MAC Wonder Woman Lipglass and Bright Fuschia Pigment for a price of half-lipglass….it’s a steal!

I’m curious about MAC, never get the chance to buy the raved lipstick, but lucky enough to get my hand on th Valentine 2013 Limited Edition the Archie’s Girl Series. Sold some but keeping one lipstick for myself, a cool lilac.

I intend and tempted to buy that cheap MAC on sale…but what for? The lipglass I can use, although it’s a very bright red, but what about the pigment. I don’t even know what a pigment is for, let alone a fuschia one….and it’s bright!

A look around google help me with some tips (

And this blog is kind enough to even give tutorial on wearing a bright fuschia pigment for an eyeshadow. Pretty…. Pink eye makeup with mac pigment pink brown + bright fuchsia

MAC pigment brown pigment mac bright fuchsia+mac pigment brown pigment +MAC bright fushsia


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