(Beauty) Notes to my Younger Self

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Seandainya ada mesin waktu yang bisa mengirim orang, atau barang, atau sekedar pesan singkat ke masa lalu. Maka aku punya beberapa pesan yang ingin aku kirimkan pada diriku 15 tahun lalu yang masih culun, awkward dan sok asik. Karena sesungguhnya kepercayaan diriku dulu begitu rapuh hanya karena kekurangan2 fisik yang sekarang aku anggap trivial sekali. Aku ingat beberapa hal yang mengganggu adalah, muka berminyak, jerawat, rambut kriwil susah diatur, rambut berminyak dan jidat lebar.

So, now that I’ve gained a little beauty wisdom along the way, I would have preach this to my high school-self :

  1. Wash your face with the lightest facewash (or baby soap) as often as possible to keep the zit at bay. Do this in the morning, afterschool, or even after exercixe at school.
  2. Ok your mom was right about that traditional medication that cure zit without a scar, but lately I discovered another miracle of Minyak Tawon, yes the massage oil we use to cure mosquito bites, it cures zit in a zap. I hope it doesn’t leave a mark
  3. Wear oil-free moisturizer with SPF and set it out with a touch of loose powder.  This may sound too elaborate, but really it only take 2 minute max.
  4. Embrace your curl, many people would spend thousands to get it done. But to tame your unruly fly-ways, there’s this technology called flatening iron, or even curling iron so you can style them or set them back
  5. Everybody get a bad-hair day once in a while. But when oily-hair set in, there’s a miracle substance called Dry Shampoo that you could spray on to loosen your hair and add more volume like a VS model
  6. And yes, you should wear your hair loose more often. Ponytail and bun is too childish
  7. I still don’t know how to deal with wide forehead but when your hair is in a good condition (non-oily, smooth and controlable) it could actually accentuate your forehead and makes it appear less ‘out-there’
  8. On special ocassion, a little tinted lipgloss, a mascara and eyeliner wouldn’t hurt either