Covering-up at the Beach

I love the beach as much as I love mountains. But I should admit that holiday at the beach is much more hassle free and relaxing compare to hiking.

What I don’t like is to expose a lot of skin while lounging by the shore. I’m a Melanoid, I don’t need to get a tan or UV. So when I do get a beach bum, I carefully choose my outfit. I don’t want to look too heavy and out of place. So the key is to look and feel airy :

1. Light fabric. Definitly cotton or chiffon

2. Loose fitting. I find kaftan more breezy than a fitted t-shirt

3. Bright colors. I just don’t see myself wearing all black to the beach

4. Soft prints. I’d rather do hawaiian hibiscus than baroque

5. Wet ready. I would’nt want to ruin my thai silk kaftan 

6. Not structured. i’d rather wear my tailored shirt to work

7. Light accessories. Straw hat, canvas bag, slippers, beads necklace, wooden bangle, love

8. Simple and uncomplicated

And these are some inspiration


I believe pants works very well at the beach. Cotton drawstring pants are the best. But printed pants or jeans works just as well, and it’s perfect to hit the town afterwards.



I’m just in love with dresses and maxi skirt. And these breezy dresses are perfect for hanging out on the sand. Layer it with cotton cardi, light jeans jacket (for a windy days), loose shirt or wear this psychedelic dress just as is. Cool!

Have fun on under the sun! and make lotsa picture 😉