Bye Bye Blackheads !…

I am all for natural, organic remedy and beauty. But most of the time it’s not easily accessible (Sage? Laurel leaves?) or very expensive (Lush, The Body Shop). So when I found this interesting tutorial on Twitter about the the use of lemon, I’m instantly hooked.

I have problem with oily T-Zone, thus blackhead, whiteheads and zits. Removing them hasn’t been an easy task. I’ve tried face scrubs, strips even the painful..painful facial. But nothing seemingly work the magic. But this one does!

Lemon I can get it anytime in the grocery, honey is always readily available in my kitchen. So let’s get movin.


I washed my face with the usual facewash and dry with towel.

Then I cut a wedge of lemon (half lemon seems like a waste for me), put some drops of lemon on it.

First I rub the the fresh and yummy concoction on my nose, the oily-oily area. It feels oh so cool and fresh (my lemon has been in the fridge overnight and it was a hot sunny day).

With so much lemon still left, I drop another honey and rub them on the rest of my face and left it for 5 minutes sitting around in the bathroom.

For a masker it doesn’t feel sticky at all. It just keeps dripping in my lap :). Next on I rinse them off with cold water without any soap.

The result? My face looked matted down and a little red on the cheeks area. The pores looked a little wider than usual but no longer clogged anymore! I checked the side of my nose that has the most breakout, its red but no longer oily and no more blackheads. Then below my lips and around my chin, whitehead usually appear when I press that area. But not anymore. Wow and I dont feel the excruciating pain I get after a facial.


BEFORE: I hope you notice the black spots on the tip of my nose and around the sides. This is definietly not the best side of my face if not the worst.


AFTER: Well if you can zoom in the picture, you wont see the blackspots anymore. The breakout around the sides of the nose and on the corner of my lips has significantly reduced. And the complexion in general is clearer and cleaner from excess oil.


I am terrified everytime I do this in the mirror, let alone taking a picture. But now the ugly evil is nowhere to be seen 🙂 *excuse the glasses I really need to inspect them closely

Lemon has destroyed the oil structure    and honey picked up the dirt that clog the pore. Resulting a fresh and clean face. Since the acidity of the lemon may open your pore and caused redness, you have to rinse it with cold water to make them normal again.

Some sites suggest adding baking soda, some add egg-white and grapeseed-oil. Some even slather the lemon on strips and put them on the affected area to be peeled of later on.